About MUDS

About the Munich School for Data Science (MUDS)

MUDS trains the next generation of data scientists at the interface of data science and four different application domain sciences: biomedicine, plasma physics, earth observation, and robotics. These domains are organized in the educational tracks of the research school. Our research school strengthens the domain-driven research within the Helmholtz Association by teaching methodological data science skills in an interdisciplinary and application-oriented fashion. MUDS offers joint research projects designed by two partners, a domain-specific application partner and a methodological partner, both supervising the PhD student and therefore ensuring methodological as well as application specific education within each of the four tracks.

At the metropolitan region of Munich, the universities TUM and LMU, and three regional Helmholtz centers (HMGU, IPP, DLR) joined forces for an internationally visible and highly attractive consortium at a prime location for computational sciences in Germany. Additionally, MUDS is cooperating with Roche Penzberg to promote application-oriented PhD projects in biomedicine.

PhD candidates are supervised by two principal investigators (PIs) of the following partner organisations (click here to see participating principal investigators):

Our partners at

provide support for computing infrastructure, storage and server capacity and also training opportunities (specific courses).


MUDS is a member of the Helmholtz Information & Data Science Academy (HIDA):