Call for Industry Partnerships

Call for Industry project partnership

In case of mutual interest, partners in industry can team up with an academic MUDS counterpart to propose a project partnership for co-mentoring of doctoral candidates.


Propose a Project partnership

To propose a project partnership, recommendation for a scientific match and to discuss administrative modalities, please get in touch with the MUDS office.

'Meet MUDS' workshop

To initiate scientific contact, potential industry partners are invited to participate in the 'meet MUDS' workshop on December 10, 2019. For registration please contact MUDS office.



Call for partnership proposals

The deadline to submit a joint proposal with a MUDS Core-PI is January 10, 2020. Proposals will be
reviewed by the MUDS steering committee. If selected, abstracts will be published to invited applicants in
preparation of the interview days.

Meet MUDS workshop Dec 10, 2019
Proposal submission deadline Jan 10, 2020
Interview symposium PhD candidates (on-site) Feb 10-11, 2020
Decision End of Feb 2020
Latest start date Oct 2020