Principal Investigators

Principal Investigators at the Munich School for Data Science

Each PhD candidate is supervised by two principal investigators (PIs) to ensure the best possible training in methods development in data science applied in one of the four research topics: biomedicine (HMGU), plasma physics (IPP), earth observation (DLR), or robotics (DLR).

There are two groups of PIs:

  1. methods-oriented PIs and
  2. domain-specific PIs, who are more application-oriented.

Below there is a list of MUDS "core PIs". MUDS "core PIs" are mainly methods-oriented, which means that they can pair with a more application-oriented PI. But they can also pair with methods-oriented PIs and provide in that case the domain-specific topic. With whom core PIs pair depends solely on the PhD research topic of a specific thesis.

Core PIs submit project proposals together with an application-oriented PI (or methods-oriented PI). One of the PIs need to be affiliated with one of the three Munich Helmholtz Centers. All PIs participate in the selection and recruitment of PhD candidates as well as in teaching and supervision.