Research at the Munich School for Data Science has many facets

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The Munich School for Data Science MUDS, the Technical University and the Ludwig Maximilian University in Munich as well as the Helmholtz Zentrum München (HMGU) and the German Aerospace Center (DLR) have joined forces with the Max Planck Institute for Plasma Physics to form an internationally visible and highly attractive research network. MUDS also cooperates with the Leibniz Computing Centre (LRZ) and the Max Planck Computing & Data Facility (MPCDF) and works with Roche Penzberg, Boehringer Ingelheim, Munich Leukemia Lab (MLL), and other industry partners to promote application-oriented doctoral projects in biomedicine.


Doctoral researchers are currently conducting research at MUDS

This makes MUDS the one of the six Data Science Schools with the most doctoral researchers. 73 of them are associated researchers.

MUDS in portrait

Research at MUDS

Read our school report Burning for Research: Doctoral Studies at MUDS and get an idea of the largest data science graduate school in our network.

In der Metropolregion München sind viele Forschungseinrichtungen ansässig, die an der MUDS in der Nachwuchsförderung kooperieren. (Photo: Philipp Bachhuber/Unsplash)


The goal of MUDS is to train the next generation of Data Scientists at the intersection of data science and four different application areas through a structured PhD program: Biomedicine, Plasma Physics, Earth Observation, and Robotics. Although the specific research questions in these four domains are different, all feature both purely data-based and model-based research approaches. The training at MUDS aims to explore new ways to combine these two poles.

Research Areas

  •     Biomedicine
  •     Plasma Physics
  •     Earth Observation
  •     Robotics

You can get an insight into current doctoral projects here.

Many areas of research: Science at MUDS is multi-faceted (Photo: MUDS)

More about the research at MUDS

Reports on MUDS

The Munich School for Data Science unites strong research partners and is thus a magnet for future data scientists in a wide variety of areas of application. Read more about MUDS here!


Burning for Research: Doctoral Studies at MUDS

The Munich School for Data Science unites strong research partners and is thus a magnet for future data scientists in a wide variety of areas of application. The MUDS industry track gets companies involved in the training of doctoral candidates. Both sides, business and science, benefit from this cooperation.


"We absolutely see ourselves to be a long-term partner"

Bavarian policymakers are interested in engaging in a wide variety of cooperative efforts that will help further develop artificial intelligence in Bavaria - among others with the Bavarian AI Council. The Munich School for Data Science (MUDS) has a decisive role to play in this. An interview with Fabian Theis, MUDS spokesperson, and Manfred Wolter from the Bavarian Ministry of Economics.


Hope for Diabetics

Diabetes is still incurable. But with the help of data science, this could soon change. At MUDS, Karin Hrovatin is researching the cells involved in insulin production. The goal is to stimulate hormone production again in the future.


Healing by Gene Therapy?

Deciphering the gene regulatory codes in our cells could improve the treatment of numerous diseases such as cancer or rheumatism in the future. MUDS doctoral researcher Laura Martens wants to contribute to this with her data science expertise.


  • Supervision: Method and domain-specific mentoring by 2 PIs, supervision by an interdisciplinary Thesis Advisory Committee once a year
  • Onboarding phase: elaboration of the research project and common basic data science training for all programme participants, creation of an individual, domain-specific study plan
  • Mandatory courses for advanced scientific training: Block course "Fundamentals of Data Science", participation in two summer schools, two conference participations, participation in the MUDS seminar series
  • Courses for personal skills training and career development (transferable skills): access for all MUDS promoters to relevant courses offered at the partner sites; in addition, it is possible to attend tailor-made trainings organised by the MUDS office
  • MUDS certificate confirming participation in the programme   

"Research at MUDS is great: I can learn from people in other fields and get ideas that I can also apply to biology."

Funding and Duration of the Programme

The program extends over four years and offers continuous funding. The remuneration corresponds to the conditions for doctoral contracts of the respective partner institution and is based on the TVöD or TV-L.

Application and Further Information

We open application calls twice per year. The MUDS location and thus the location for all courses is Munich. The programme language is English. The programme starts every winter semester, the application phase takes place annually in autumn and in spring/early summer.

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