The training program of MUDS is designed as a well-balanced combination of introductory data science basics, relevant interdisciplinary courses, and active research training within each specific application domain and educational track.

Our experience with successful graduate schools at all partner sites has shown that it is crucial to bring PhD candidates with different backgrounds to a similar level of knowledge. This is achieved during a 12-day block course early on. This block course is offered every fall (winter semester). The team behind this course are trainers of the Data Science Certificate Program at the LMU Munich, and the Essential Data Science Training GmbH.

The added value of MUDS is to guarantee PhD students an excellent education in data science combined with expertise in a particular application domain. The program starts with an onboarding phase during which the bilateral research project and joint, basic educational training starts. During the onboarding phase of six months an individual study plan will be adapted to the need of the individual research project, individual expertise, and career goals.

Mandatory elements for MUDS students are participation in the basic 12-day block course “Foundations of data science”, two summer schools, and two active conference participations.

PhD students will have access to a wide range of translational and professional skill training courses and career development support already in place at the partner sites as well as customized trainings on demand organized by the MUDS office.

The doctoral degree will be awarded by the partner universities according to their respective regulations for doctoral studies. After successful completion of MUDS and successful defence of the doctoral thesis at the university, graduate students receive the MUDS certificate.